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New Construction

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At Simcity Construction, in-house designers and home consultants are always ready to build stylish, creatively designed homes that attuned to your lifestyle requirements.  Our expansive expertise will ensure even the tiniest detail on a door handle, innovative ways to maximize natural light, and endless exciting possibilities.  At Simcity Construction, we believe your home should mirror your lifestyle and taste; therefore, we have ample designs and products to complement whichever choices resonate the most with you.  Simply contact us today and take advantage of our expertise and artistically superb designers for successful home construction.

Building a New Home – A Step By Step Guide

Home construction projects are often daunting, and with huge financial and time commitments needed, having a working knowledge of the key phases and processes involved can go a long way in preventing setbacks.  Here are the five major phases involved when building a new home:

Stage 1–Foundation

A solid foundation is the bedrock of any long-lasting and foolproof design building.  Before laying the foundation, however, preliminary activities are often conducted.  For example, the intended site must be graded and necessary excavation needs to be done before the foundation is laid out based on the plot map.  Installation and inspection of rough plumbing are also carried out before the foundation is poured.  Additionally, remember that weather challenges can stall the pace of foundation-activities.  Poor drainage and grading can also be negatively impactful on the foundation.

Stage 2–Framing

Here’s where your building begins to take shape.  During framing, the stairs are built and the interior and exterior walls are framed.  Now it’s time to get keep the weather out, by installing the sheathing, roof, shingles, exterior doors, and windows.  This stage is best completed quickly in order to prevent weather-related challenges that may arise when finishing the interior of the building.

Stage 3–Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical

As with most other stages, the plumbing, mechanical and electrical phase is very important and has to be done correctly the first time.  This phase is delicate given the difficulty and financial costs that may be required to correct mistakes once sheetrock has been installed.  Waste piping, water, HVAC system, water heater, rough electrical wiring, and ductwork are installed during this phase.  Inspection is also carried out to ensure no complications are left unaddressed before proceeding to the next step.

Stage 4–Insulation and Drywall

This stage essentially involves insulation of the walls and subsequent installation of sheetrock over them.

Stage 5–Exterior and Interior Finish

The final stage in home construction projects involves putting finishing touches including installation and testing of mechanical, electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems.  Doors, window sills, ceilings, baseboards, countertops, floor coverings, appliances, tiles, cabinets, lights, mirrors, showerheads, and faucets are all installed too.  Afterward, a covering of wallpaper or paint is overlaid and the sidewalks and driveway are poured.  Final inspections, both municipal and with your inspector, are performed now and landscaping is done.


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